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ELT Mesens.
The Collection

Next to the reconstitution of the apartment of René Magritte, the museum holds a collection of over 400 archive documents, photos and objects, as well as some 30 original works of the artist describing the evolution of his life: from his youth up to the consecration of his career. Beside the rare items as an original painting of his youth, the original manuscript‚ Book of Thoughts', the advertising works and letters to his clients and friends, the museum exhibits continuously other masterpieces, such as‚ Le Témoin' (1939) and‚ Lola de Valence' 1948), La Lampe d'Aladin (1954) or‚ Olympia' (1947), an oil painting that was exposed at several occasion abroad in the artist's retrospectives. Our collection is presented chronologically and following the necessary conservation requirements.