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Temporary exhibitions

The museum doesn't want only to promote Surrealism but he also wants to open his public to the …story of the Belgian modern art with Magritte as a key figure. Waiting for the next opening of our future museum of abstract art, on the esseghemstreet 137, the René Magritte Museum proposes since 2006 temporary exhibitions presenting alternatively abstraction and surrealism. (see Project of extension)

Currently in the museum :

‘The lost Magritte'

After seven years of research, 30 destroyed masterpieces of the artist are brought back to life.

Past exhibitions :

Henri-Jean Closon


'Henri-Jean Closon (1888-1975)'

Henri-Jean Closon pioneer of Belgian abstract art, is the painter of vibrant color compositions. The exhibition at the Musée René Magritte is the first tribute to this artist held in Brussels.

Prosper de Troyer


'An hundred year of abstract art'

May 2009

10 years Magritte museum (1999 – 2009)

Francine Holley


'Francine Holley : 90 years, 20 masterpieces'

Edmond Van Dooren


'Edmond Van Dooren : dreaming of a future world'

ELT Mesens


'ELT Mesens on visit by Magritte,
the headquarter of surrealism'

René Guiette


'René Magritte invites René Guiette'