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René Magritte became a painter in 1916, almost a century ago. His work was completed in 1967, almost half a century ago. About 50 years of creativity generated 1100 paintings, 600 watercolors and collages of a high, genius level.
New Magritte will be no more. But there are quite a few missing, even permanently destroyed. It is a part of his work that we could in fact never see anymore.

However, after years of creative research 'in the spirit of Magritte', we can let you enjoy these lost masterpieces. A total of 21 paintings, 3 gouaches and 3 objects. Some works are lost for more than 70 years. And we can assume that only a few hundred of people have ever seen those works of art.

The lost Magrittes almost invariably turned out to be works of high quality, as well by the thematic which Magritte does not repeat elsewhere, as by the fact that some works seem to be an essential link in his oeuvre. The series of disappeared Magrittes spans also, coincidentally, the whole career of Magritte as an artist, from his abstract period up to his last paintings.

The last time art lovers saw new Magrittes was in the winter of 1967 in Paris. It is now almost half a century ago. This exhibition offers the opportunity to have a similar experience. For the first and perhaps the last time, it is now possible to admire 'new' Magrittes, 27 in total. Virtually everything Magritte ever conjured out of his hands is now back among us. May new disappearances be spared.

Welcome to this sensational exhibition.

In addition to the exhibition we present the new catalogue of the museumcollection: ‘Redécouverte du Surréalisme’, 160p., a co-edition Musée René Magritte/Pandora, 2014.

AGENDA. The René Magritte Museum presents:

Following its succes the exhibition on 'The Lost Magrittes' can still be discovered!


The weekend is devoted to the destroyed works of Magritte.

Free English guided tour during the weekends at 15:00, included in the entrance ticket.

tel : 0032 2 428 26 26

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